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The Fire Protection International Consortium, Inc. (FPI) was founded in 2001 as a full service professional security and fire protection consulting and engineering firm.


Since the founding of the firm in 2001, FPI has managed to develop a company resume of experience that belies the size of the firm. As an example, this experience includes conducting full scale fire testing for several clients that resulted in changes to the codes. Without these changes, the clients were faced with significant cost increases or lost revenues that may have made their products or installations too expensive. In addition, the firm has extensive experience in the foreign market (outside of the US) as clients see opportunities outside of the US and have brought FPI aboard to ensure consistency across their portfolio.


Firm experience, although outstanding, is but a portion of who we are. Our staff has decades of experience in fire protection and security, and we understand the need to give our customers outstanding service. As an FPI customer, you’ll have direct access to our most experienced technical staff as we work to provide timely and cost effective solutions to your fire protection and security challenges. Our blend of extensive experience, customer service, and the hands-on approach taken by our most experienced engineers and consultants can make your project a success. This concept remains as one of the basic tenets of who we are and represents one of the unique attributes that we can bring to your project.

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