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November 18, 2019

There is a change coming that we are severely underestimating. This change promises to revolutionize the industry, and will force many of us to reconsider our positions on certain long-held safety-related provisions and philosophies.

August 3, 2017

We have discussed what constitutes solid shelves within a rack structure but it can get a bit confusing when we consider shelf storage itself. NFPA 13 makes a distinction between shelf storage and rack storage. Shelf storage is defined in the standard in Section 3.9.2....

June 5, 2017

Up to this point, we have discussed what solid shelving is and spent time talking about how the load can determine if a shelf is a solid shelf. Now we are ready to ask, “So What?” Once we determine that we have solid shelving, what needs to be done?

February 13, 2017

This post will take a brief look at firefighting robots and show how this concept promises to change the firefighting industry. Everyone is seeing more and more robots in the workforce and the warehouse field is no exception.

January 20, 2017

This is one of the main issues that we have to understand and it can be summarized by asking—wasn’t wire mesh developed to help eliminate solid shelving issues? Of course it did, but the standard has changed and now the material being stored determines if the shelf is...

November 30, 2016

Prior to continuing the discussion on Solid Shelving I need to point out that I made a mistake in the last blog post. I used the photo below that I took off of the internet and referred to it as Cantilever Racking. This is an example of how as I age, my eyes are not as...

November 8, 2016

And so it begins. In my first blog post (Fire Testing, January 18, 2016), I talked briefly about solid shelving and pointed out that there were no new tests introduced to the NFPA 13 committee justifying the change that took place in 1999. It is now 17 years and five e...

September 23, 2016

For years I have had the pleasure of teaching the three day seminar on automatic sprinklers on behalf of NFPA. For those of you who have attended a class that I taught, thank you.  For those of you who haven’t heard me speak, I invite you to register for a program...

August 25, 2016

In my last blog post, I wrote about a cushion on water supplies and raised the question if the system is properly designed, is a cushion (hydraulic buffer) required? I pointed out that NFPA 13 appears to be heading down a path where we will soon be mandating a cushion....