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Many fire protection firms target the warehouse industry when things slow down in other fields. FPI, on the other hand, has made warehousing a primary focus since our founding in 2001. Because of this focus and our extensive experience in this field we at FPI are uniquely qualified to help our clients with any design, retrofit or code compliance challenges.


Fire protection standards are constantly changing and FPI understands these changes more than any other fire protection firm. As an example, since 2002, the Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems (NFPA 13) has developed and modified definitions and fire sprinkler protection criteria for solid shelving in a rack structure. FPI has worked with numerous clients across the US and around the globe as they attempt to deal with these evolving requirements.


Some of our clients include:

Iron Mountain Information Management

J. C. Penney


Recall Information Management





Kessinger Hunter


Warehouse Protection

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