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At FPI, our engineers can assist with a wide variety of specialized projects. Navigating the ever changing and increasingly complex requirements of today’s Fire Codes and fire protection standards often demands a level of technical expertise offered by a fire protection engineer. Below is a list of some of the specialized services we can provide.




  • Hazard Analysis

  • High Piled Storage Analysis

  • Code Evaluations

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Review of your existing and future fire protection and life safety systems

  • Assist in negotiations with building and fire code officials

  • Develop performance specifications for fire detection and fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, fire pumps and suppression systems.

  • Statement of Conditions

  • Construction observation and management

  • Witness acceptance testing of fire protection systems

  • Review of contractor design drawings and calculations

  • Assist in the permit process

  • Analysis of combustible liquids, hazardous materials and flammable liquids storage

  • Equipment arrangement, location and selection

  • Water supply analysis and diagnostic testing of distribution systems

  • Evaluation of fire barriers

  • Evaluation of insurance company requirements


Specialized Services

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