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Our full scope of fire protection and security services takes a project from master planning through construction and includes facility review, risk assessment, systems planning, design and engineering, architectural recommendations, system specification, bid award assistance, and construction and installation management.


The Fire Protection International Consortium, Inc. is pleased to announce that the firm has been added to the Federal Government Procurement Schedule 871 under Fire Protection Engineering.

A Fire Protection Engineer (FPE) can play an integral role on your team. Engineers and consultants at the FPI add value by using our in-depth knowledge of local fire and building codes to help integrate fire and life safety requirements. These requirements are often spread across other engineering disciplines and found in a variety of...

Some of the more common systems we have experience with are:


  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Pumps

  • Foam-Water Fire Suppression Systems

  • Clean Agent Systems

  • Smoke Control Systems

  • Master Water Systems

At FPI, we provide consulting and design services for the challenging Fire Protection and Life Safety requirements found in today’s complex Building, Fire, and Life Safety Codes.


We can assist early in the design process by identifying State and Local code changes that might impact your design, and facilitating a comprehensive...

FPI employees have completed hundreds of security projects that encompass a wide range of facilities, including but not limited to, airports, office buildings, government buildings, educational institutions, research laboratories, industrial facilities, banking and financial institutions, hotels and resorts, residences and master planned communities, institutional buildings and campuses...

Using our extensive knowledge of fire protection principles along with cutting edge fire modeling techniques can allow FPI engineers to help you reduce design and construction costs. Fire models can be used to evaluate smoke control systems, automatic fire alarm and suppression systems, and conditions of exit routes during...

FPI has made warehousing a primary focus since our founding in 2001. Because of this focus and our extensive experience in this field we at FPI are uniquely qualified to help our clients with any design, retrofit or code compliance challenges.


Fire protection standards are constantly changing in storage occupancies and FPI understands these changes more than any other fire protection firm.

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