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At the FPI Consortium we provide consulting and design services for the challenging Fire Protection and Life Safety requirements found in today’s complex Building, Fire, and Life Safety Codes.


We can assist early in the design process by identifying State and Local code changes that might impact your design, and facilitating a comprehensive fire protection and life safety code analysis. In addition, if you’re nearing the end of your design or even nearing completion of construction, fire protection challenges can still arise.


The FPI can help:

  • Assess a changing requirement from the AHJ

  • Develop a strategy for compliance with an overlooked requirement

  • Develop a performance based solution to a challenging design concept


Our consulting services may include:

  • Coordination with local authorities

  • Third Party Plan Review

  • Peer Review

  • Code Interpretations

  • Development or analysis of code compliance alternatives

  • Code compliance report writing


If you need to add the expertise of a fire protection engineer to your team contact us today at one of our convenient locations across the US.


Download our brochures. Building, Fire and Life Safety Code Consulting and Peer Review and Independent Third Party Plan Review

Fire/Life Safety Code Consulting

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