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A Fire Protection Engineer can play an integral role on your team. Engineers and consultants at the FPI add value by using our in-depth knowledge of local fire and building codes to help integrate fire and life safety requirements. These requirements are often spread across other engineering disciplines and found in a variety of Codes and Standards. In more complex projects, challenging compliance issues can best be approached as a proper integration of active electrical and mechanical systems such as smoke control, fire sprinkler, and fire alarm with passive systems such as fire barriers and egress systems. When handling these more complex issues, a Fire Protection Engineer’s special focus and expertise in building codes and fire protection systems can often be the difference between a smooth and timely Permitting and Certificate of Occupancy process, and a long and costly series of design changes and delays.


If you’d like to discuss adding the expertise of a fire protection engineer to your team, contact us today at one of our convenient locations across the US. Through our international affiliations we can also assist with projects around the globe.

Fire Protection Engineering

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