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At FPI, our engineers and consultants can assist with the design, analysis, inspection, and troubleshooting of any fire protection system. FPI’s engineers and consultants have experience in a wide range of fire protection, life safety, and security system designs. FPI ensures that its clients receive the best value by designing systems to meet the requirements of each individual facility, no more and no less. We develop cost effective designs that avoid “over-designing” while meeting all of your fire protection requirements.


A benefit of hiring a fire protection, security, and life safety consultant like FPI is confidence that your systems are designed to meet national and international standards as well as currently adopted codes in local municipalities. Are you taking the installer’s word that the system is designed to code? Codes and standards are ever-evolving. It is our job to stay up to date with these changes so that you are assured the proper, most cost-effective protection.


Our design services are not limited to developing drawings and specifications. At FPI we can see your project through construction to ensure that the system is completed in accordance with the design and in compliance with the applicable codes. Even the best designed system can be rendered ineffective without proper installation. FPI can also provide inspection and testing services throughout the life of your system.


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Some of the more common systems we have experience with are:

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Pumps

  • Foam-Water Fire Suppression Systems

  • Clean Agent Systems

  • Smoke Control Systems

  • Master Water Systems


Fire Protection Systems Design

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